Behind The Scenes

When it comes to T-Shirt printing, you should know that you are getting the best quality and the best pricing. At Frattire, we want to be transparent with our clients and assure you that you are getting high quality products, the best pricing and ultimate customer service. Whether you need 24 or 2,400 shirts we work to get you the highest quality products at an affordable price. 




We offer high density, puff, metallic, crystalline, and gel inks.




Industrial automatic printing presses allowing us to print thousands of shirts with equal quality. Most local shops use small presses which lack in consistency with lining up the artwork. Our machines can cover high volume, lowering the cost of printing on larger orders, and resulting in a better price for your orders.

Here are some of the services we can provide:

Up to 14 colors
Simulated process printing
4 color process printing
Decorating trends
Rhinestone application
Heat transfers

Cheap screens can ruin your design, with prints not aligned properly and a poor quality print. Our screens have retensionable frames and top quality mesh.


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